Andrew came home and met his brother.

Andrew and Becca are both doing really good. Recovering from their hospital ordeal. Andrew is doing the normal newborn things. Becca is able to move around a bit. 

Teaching Simon the word “brother” is going well. Teaching him not to hit and pinch his brother is proving to be more difficult. 

We have finally transitioned back to home life after a long time in the hospital. It’s so crazy how much has happened in the last few weeks. 


 Oh, and Simon learned to walk in the last couple of days!


Inflection point


guess who has two little boys both with dirty duapers right now?

7 Pounds of Cuddles

Doing pretty good here. Becca is recovering nicely. Andrew was released from the NICU on Thursday. I think we are all going home tomorrow. Tim has gotten a nap, but not any time to shave. :) Is it weird how much we like the hospital food?

Together again, again


Stronger and stronger


big open eyes staring back at me!

Welcome Andrew

We decided on a name, Andrew Solomon. Love him. So amazing.We are grateful that God has given us this little boy.

He was born this morning at 7:46am and weighed 7lbs 13oz. He is 3 weeks early and was taken to the NICU soon after being delivered. He’s not quite ready to leave the NICU tonight, we are praying that we can have him out with us full-time very soon.

We want to thank our friends and family for all the support they showed during out two week hospital stay leading up to this. It’s been really hard, but you all have made it so much easier on our family.

Becca is resting and recovering from her C-Section. Everyone is pretty healthy and stable, considering what we’ve been through.

I think he and his older brother are going to have their first hair-cut at the same time.

He is opening up his eyes a little bit.

Here he is! His name is still top secret info.


oh wow.

Father & Son (singular still)



A new camera means I’m ready for baby


examples from our Sony NEX-5T with the f1.8 35mm Prime lens