– I put Amazon’s Bluetooth Speaker + Ambient Home AI to the test.

Fine tune your home’s power systems.

A post all about my favorite electrical accessories.

A quick guide for creating photo books in iPhoto on my Digital Handyman Blog.

Digitally Handy

You may have noticed a dearth of posts on this site lately. That’s mostly because the flickr to wordpress functionality broke a while ago. But also, I’ve started writing new content on a new blog. is a website about technology solutions for people that want to take care of their (or their family’s) data. Every week I will be writing guides, and recommendations for tools to use in all aspects of your digital life. I care about privacy and security, but will keep it from ever getting alarmist or too nerdy. I have a number of articles posted already. Learn about cloud file storage, computer backups and my iOS upgrade philosophy.

Trick or Treat, Little Chewbacca

Little Chewbacca

The cake was not a lie, son.

Wow. You guys have been holding out on me. Sugar is awesome!

Sick baby day

Sick baby day by sirtimbly
Sick baby day, a photo by sirtimbly on Flickr.

iPhone 6+ for Cinematography

3 Days with the iPhone 6+ from Uncage the Soul Productions on Vimeo.


I really want that optical image stabilization and that big beautiful screen for preview and iMovie editing.

The Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest

A writing contest for the worst opening sentence you can come up with…

2014 Contest Winners » The Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest.

These are, really, amazingly, awful. My favorites are the similes.

He was waiting for the call seated behind his desk, his right knee bouncing up and down like the piston of a one-cylinder steam engine – the kind old guys restore and stand proudly next to at the county fair hoping someone will stop and ask about it but they never do as the engine thumps and sputters in rhythm like an anxious guy seated behind his desk bouncing his knee up and down.


The air-conditioner hummed like an over-sized bear eating a large salmon he’d fished out of the water and if you’ve never heard an over-sized bear eating a salmon, just imagine an air-conditioner humming and you’ll know.

And finally, not a simile, just delightfully over-described…

Pine trees stretched as far as the eye could see, which wasn’t very far in Gerald’s case, since he was overdue for cataract surgery with the only ophthalmologist in town who still took Medicare patients, and their needles whispered gently in the breeze.

Defining a microblog post | Manton Reece

Defining a microblog post | Manton Reece.

I’m working on a new project around timelines and microblogs. It consumes RSS feeds

You’re telling me microblogging doesn’t have to be social media’d or proprietary!? RSS is a weird technology, it’s so obviously useful, but I still fear it’s doomed to obscurity and nerd world.

Ever since the demise of Google Reader I’ve been using a self-hosted RSS reader called Stringer.

Not having an RSS item title might take some getting used to for mainstream blogging clients and readers. Most RSS apps assume that all posts have a title, even though titles are technically optional in the spec. But I think this is an important distinction because if you think about Twitter-like posting, it should be fast and convenient; making up a title first interrupts the flow of posting.

In Stringer, it could be fairly easily modified to include “microblog” posts which don’t include a Title attribute I think. And that’s the great part of open standards and Open Source software projects. Anyone with time, skill, and a need can create the tool they want to use to consume content on the web the way they want.